1971 Mustang Mach 1 "Maxine"


1971 Ford Mustang body work

Back from Body and Paint and time for the fun to begin

Troy turned Maxine back over to us to get the drivetrain and suspension installed so we had a rolling chassis. It sure made it easier to get the engine dropped in without having to deal with fenders. After putting back all we could we sent her back down to Borne Customs to get the doors and fenders back on then back to the home shop to continue the assembly process. Take a look at the pictures below and check out the detail pages in the column on the right. The frame rails a part of the shock towers were painted in Hot Rod Black. We did some repairs of the parking lot curb damage that had been done to the cross member

More restoration information and pictures here Suspension Drivetrain Exhaust

Painted shell


Sheet metal installed