1971 Mustang Mach 1 "Maxine"

Drivtrain 351C, C6 


Maxine is a true M code Mach 1 which is highly desirable but not rare. At some time in her life Maxine had a block change, probably a short block change as the heads are correct. The intake manifold had been replaced with an Edelbrock Performer. We chose to stay with the factory exhaust manifolds. They breathe quite well and we like the stock look and didn't really want the added sound of the headers.


We used a modern EFI system from Proffesional Products. (see below). We added a MSD distributor and 6AL along with a high voltage MSD coil. We decided to paint the coil black and get the black MSD dizzy cap to keep the stock look. The 6AL was installed under the dash where it is out of sight but easy to reach to access. The MSD distributor is too tall so we had to modify the ram air system which we are adding


The stock C6 transmission was rebuilt and we picked up new Hughs 2500 stall speed torque converter. The stock open 3.00 rear end was torn down, inspected and rebuilt. The rear axle received new seals and bearings and cleaned and painted.  We will wait to see how we like the 3.00 ratio before going to a posi unit


SunnySlope Auto

Don Woodward of Sunnyslope Auto did the engine. One cylinder was damaged so we had it re-sleeved. High compression pistons, bored 30 over, block deck was milled as were the heads. A Crower 15240 camshaft was added along with matching valve springs and lifters

Sunnyslope Auto

8829 N Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Professional Products

For fuel we went with Powerjection III EFI system from Professional Products. The system uses a the traditional carb design but inside are 4 fuel injectors. Built into the side of the body is the ECU which also controls the engine timing.

More information on Powerjection 3