1971 Mustang Mach 1 "Maxine"

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 suspension 

Suspension, tires and wheels

We got off really cheap when it came to the suspension. We installed new Scott Drake front suspension parts for a fresh front end with the factory style. We sent the original rear leaf springs down to get checked out. They were fine so they were cleaned up, painted and re-banded and they look like new. The rear suspension came from the factory with staggered shocks so no changes were needed there. I think we may be changing to a larger sway bar but we will see how it goes with the stock one. That said we will see how things go. It would be tempting to go with a coil over system front and rear or possible even go with air bags but I suspect the most extreme we will get maybe to cut the springs to make her sit a little lower



We are really excited about the Maxine's new shoes. We went with a three piece wheel from ID wheels. ID is the luxury wheel division of Intro Wheels. We went with the ID 321. We had the inner hoop powder coated gloss black for easy cleanup and a clean look. The outer hoop is polished. For the center hoop we had them powder coated in a texture finish. It is reminiscent of the old grey mag wheels from the 70's


Front - 18" x 8" with 4 1/2" back space

Rear - 18" x 10" with 5 1/2" back space


Falken tires was of course our choice when it came to putting rubber on those new shoes. We were up in the air on total tire height. We ended up going with a tire that is about 25.7" tall for both the front and rear. When we burn the rear set off may will look at changing to some 27" tall if we feel the look will be right.



Falken FK453

Front - 245 / 40

Rear - 285 / 35
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